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About Radio

(Radio TV Manas / Media Manas)


Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University displays radio and television studios with high technology broadcasting equipment. The staff of the Directorate of Radio and Television consists of experienced professionals from established Turkish and Kyrgyz media companies. 

• Dr. Bülent Namal, Director of Radio and Television;
• Aida Moldaliyeva, Broadcasting Coordinator;
• Sharizat İbrayeva and Jyldyzbek Tursunbayev, Producer and Speaker;
• Aynagul Mukambetova, News Reader;
• Kemal Eristi, Director;

• Aliser Ibragimov, Producer;

• Timur Timaev, Cameraman;
• Rustam Madatkulov, Tonmaister;

• Mustafa Öztürk, Technician.

The broadcast of Manas FM started on internet in 1999, as the first university-based radio and it continued with terrestrial broadcasting for Bishkek and its environs in 2000. Since 2014, it is a national radio channel covering all Kyrgyzstan.
Manas FM is positioned as the radio of the university youth, and it reflects the dynamism and creativity of the youth. In addition to the students of the Manas University and other universities, recognized academicians, intellectuals, artists, businessmen and acknowledged people from all segments of society are voluntarily making programs.
Manas FM helps to the participation of performers from Kyrgyzstan to music festivals, fairs, forums and other organizations in Turkey and supports the introduction of the Kyrgyz culture to Turkey and Turkish culture to Kyrgyzstan. Manas FM with its organizations is also accepted as a cultural bridge.
Manas FM supports young performers of Kyrgyzstan from the very beginning of their career. It gained sincere friendship of now famous performers of Kyrgyzstan and organized many activities in cooperation with them.
Manas FM is also known for its support to social campaigns; United Nations and many other international organizations execute their social activities in cooperation with Manas FM.
The Radio also realizes joint projects with other radio stations of Central Asia.
In 2012, parallel to the rapid development of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University in recent years, technically most developed television studio of Central Asia has been established within the compound of Manas FM. Through investments in equipment high technology in broadcasting has been transferred to Kyrgyzstan.
The Television Studio of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University with the most developed technical equipment presents the opportunity for professional programmers to produce TV programs with high quality. It also helps to train students in a real studio environment and become programmers of the future.
Since 2012, when the studio was established, live broadcasts with TRT Avaz have been made, productions and broadcasts have been successfully enacted through state channels, such as TRT, KTR, ELTR, and other institutions, by famous performers and acknowledged people.
The studio equipment has been transferred from SD to HD format, IP television broadcasting and testing has been initiated, and the preparations for satellite broadcasting is about to be finalized with the support of the rectorate of the university to the Directorate of Radio and Television. Manas Television will be positioned as a channel for youth and education.
The television with productions in studio and in the open and programs in virtual studios offers rich visuality and context. In the very near future Manas Television will complete its testing and will be broadcasting 7/24 with its archive of programs and TRT’s support. It will be the first and only university television in Central Asia.
The television channel of the university is open to joint projects with all television channels of the Turkic-speaking world.
The Directorate of Radio Television also puts great emphasis on developing close relations with its audience through internet, it is very active on social network and contend and interface of its website is continuously being updated. With the help of the newly designed website broadcasting and internet technologies are connected and new improvements, such as radio/TV programs, podcast broadcasts, citizen journalism publications have found their place in the website.
Main aims of the Directorate of Radio Television are as follows:
• To train students in a real studio and broadcasting environment with high technological equipment to gain professional knowledge and experience,
• To realize joint projects and broadcasts with local, regional, Turkish, global radio and television channels,
• To help to the enactment of the university’s mission,
• To announce university’s activities to the wider society,
• To help to the development of relations between the republics in the region and Turkey,
• To support the use of Turkish, Kyrgyz and other Turkic languages.

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