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The Last of the General Secretariat Seminars Was Held

The last of the Personal and Professional Development Seminars was held by the General Secretariat of Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University.

The last of the 10-week seminars for the administrative staff, the Director of the Institute of Science and the Head of the Legislation Development Commission, Prof. Dr. İsmet Altıntaş, Rector's Chief Advisor and Director of the School of Foreign Languages ​​Prof. Dr. Given by Recai Doğan.

Regulations that will improve the operation of the university in all areas

Prof. Dr. İsmet Altıntaş gave detailed information about the regulations, which were renewed in a way that would improve the functioning of the University in all areas and pave the way to reach the targets quickly.

Skill-based study

Prof. Dr. Recai Doğan emphasized that the academic unit secretaries are the people who have the most responsibility after the deans in the units, and these personnel should do their work with this awareness. "If our staff wants to contribute to the vision and mission of our University, they should work based on skills." Prof. Dr. Doğan stated that the staff of Manas University, which has moved to the digital world, should also improve themselves in digital literacy. Prof.Dr. Recai Doğan also underlined that the human resources of Manas University consist of people who are open to learning and have communication and problem-solving skills.

General Secretary Assoc. Dr. Oktay Özgül gave an informative speech before the seminar and explained how the works will be carried out in line with the renewed legislation.

Strengthening institutional structure and new horizons

Assoc. Dr. Oktay Özgül, in his speech, said, “Our Rector Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Ceylan’s change and transformation program, all of the activities must be carried out in accordance with the slogan "Beyond a university" to strengthen our institutional structure and carry our University to the future with more confidence. Our Manas University, which will continue on its way with new breakthroughs and reforms within the framework of the horizons drawn by our Rector in 2023, will continue to progress rapidly towards becoming a brand among innovative universities in Central Asia and the world.”

Improving the conditions of human resources

Rector Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Ceylan and Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Asylbek Kulmurzaev’s  efforts,Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Communications Director of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Prof. Assoc. Dr. Oktay Özgül emphasized that the physical and technological infrastructure has been developed, the campus has been rapidly greened and illuminated, the water problem has been solved and many other areas have been renewed. Assoc. Dr. Oktay Özgül also stated that in 2023, much more progressive breakthroughs will be made on the way to become 'beyond a university'.

Seminars on needed topics

Within the frame of Personal and Professional Development Seminars, General Secretary Assoc. Dr. Oktay Özgül to the administrative staff of the University were given the following topics: "How to Be Effective and Efficient", "Being a Manager", "Effective Communication Skills", "Stress Management", "Crisis Management", "Corporate Culture", "Problem Solving Techniques", "Harmony and Seminars titled “Flexibility Skills”.

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