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Turkish airlines to sponsor NASA's award-winning youth

Turkish brothers bagged second place in NASA Space Apps Challenge contest.

National flag carrier Turkish Airlines sponsored round-trip tickets to the U.K. for two siblings to facilitate their language courses abroad.

 The Turkish Airlines on Tuesday tweeted it will cover flight expenses for Onur Yuksel and Serhat Yuksel who came second in the NASA Space Apps Challenge for their project of producing oxygen from soil in Mars.

"The tickets for our young people whose dreams are beyond the sky are on us. Come on, youth! We believe in you!," the Turkish Airlines said.

The sponsorship comes following a news story in Anadolu Agency about the siblings who were expecting support for their flight and accommodation expenses.

The Turkish Airlines added: "Of course, we will welcome the young assets of our country in Business Class."

Onur ,17, and Serhat ,18, from capital Ankara participated in the NASA Space Apps Challenge held in April 2017 organized by NASA's Turkey representation in cooperation with Middle East Technical University (ODTU). 

NASA'dan ödül alan kardeşlere THY'den destek

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